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Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model for Lake Circulation
Author(s): Leonard, John W., Melfi, David
Corporate Author(s): Illinois Institute of Technology, State University of New York at Buffalo
Date of Publication: 1973-12
Report number: AFFDL TR 71-160 p. 1025-1048
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People Survivability in a Direct Effects Environment and Related Topics
Author(s): Longinow, A., Ojdrovich, G., Bertram, L., Wiedermann, A.
Corporate Author(s): IIT Research Institute
Date of Publication: 1973-05
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On the Interpretation of the Output of Hot-Film Anemometers and a Scheme of Dynamic Compensation for Water Temperature Variation
Author(s): Tan-atichat, J., Nagib, H. M., Pluister, J. W.
Corporate Author(s): Mechanics and Mechanical and Aersopace Engineering Department, Illinois Institute of Technology
Laboratory: Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Date of Publication: 1973-08