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Stress Analysis Of The External Front Window Of The X-20a (Dyna-Soar)
Author(s): Johnson, Verner J.
Corporate Author(s): Systems Engineering Group Research And Technology Div Wright-Patterson AFB Ohio
Date of Publication: 1964-06
Report number: SEG TDR 64-16
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Development of Analytical Relationships and Criteria for Blast and Fire Vulnerability of Fallout Shelter Occupants
Author(s): Crowley, J. W., Hogue, R. M., Avise, H. J., Smith, E. H., Hiner, W. G.
Corporate Author(s): System Sciences, Incorporated
Laboratory: Office of Civil Defense
Date of Publication: 1968-10
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Proceedings of Damping '91: 13-15 February 1991 San Diego, California (Pages AAC-1 through DCC-19)
Laboratory: Wright Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1991-08
Report number: WL-TR-91-3078 Volume I
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Effect of Creep-Exposure on Mechanical Properties of Rene' 41. Part I.
Author(s): Gluck, Jeremy V., Freeman, James W.
Corporate Author(s): University of Michigan
Laboratory: Directorate of Materials and Processes
Date of Publication: 1961-08
Report number: ASD TR 61-73
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Proceedings: 17th Asilomar Conference on Fire and Blast Effects of Nuclear Weapons
Author(s): Hickman, Robert G. (Ed.), Meier, Carol A. (Ed.)
Corporate Author(s): Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
Date of Publication: 1983-07
Report number: CONF-8305107