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Notes On The Use Of Transformations In The Analysis Of Variance. Fifth Report Of A Series On Analysis Of Variance
Author(s): Olds, Edwin G., Mattson, Thomas B., Odeh, Robert E.
Corporate Author(s): Dept. Of Mathematics, Carnegie Institute Of Technology
Date of Publication: 1956-07
Report number: WADC TR 56-308
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Handbook Of Piezoelectric Crystals For Radio Equipment Designers
Author(s): Buchanan, John P.
Corporate Author(s): Philco Corporation
Laboratory: Communications & Navigation Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1956-10
Report number: WADC TR 56-156
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The Effects of Simultaneous Deceleration, Tumbling and Windblast Encountered in Escape From Supersonic Aircraft
Author(s): Wiant, Harry W.
Corporate Author(s): Cook Research Laboratories
Date of Publication: 1956-03
Report number: WADC TN 54-18
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Evaluation Of Testers For The Deterioration Of Doped-Fabric Surfaces On Aircraft
Author(s): Bain, Bruce K., Slivka, Lawrence P.
Corporate Author(s): Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, Akron, Ohio
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1956-02
Report number: WADC TR 55-322
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Systematic Observation of Instructor Behavior
Author(s): Morsh, Joseph E.
Date of Publication: 1956-05
Report number: AFPTRC TN 56-52
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The Efficient Course of Action in "Trouble Shooting" as a Joint Function of Probability and Cost
Author(s): Stolurow, Lawrence M., Bergum, Bruce, Hodgson, Thomas, Silva, John
Date of Publication: 1956-06
Report number: AFPTRC TN 56-71
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Criteria of Executive Effectiveness
Author(s): Dunnette, Marvin D., Perry, Dallis K., Mahoney, Thomas A.
Date of Publication: 1956-06
Report number: AFPTRC TN 56-73
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Trait Judgements from Photographs as a Projective Device
Author(s): Campbell, Donald T., Burwen, Leroy S.
Date of Publication: 1956-07
Report number: AFPTRC TN 56-93