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Wind Tunnel Tests of Elliptical Missile Body Configurations at Mach Numbers 0.4 to 0.5
Author(s): Shereda, Donald E., Amidon, Paul F., Dahlem, Valentine, III
Corporate Author(s): High Speed Aero Performance Branch, Aeromechanics Division
Date of Publication: 1987-12
Report number: AFWAL TR 87-3088
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Modification of Lubricant Traction Measuring Device
Author(s): Sharma, Shashi K.
Corporate Author(s): Universal Energy System, Inc.
Date of Publication: 1987-01-01
Report number: AFWAL TR 86-4031
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Traction Model Development
Author(s): McCool, J. I.
Corporate Author(s): MRC Bearings-SFK Aerospace
Date of Publication: 1987-09-01
Report number: AFWAL TR 87-4079
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Kinetic Mechanisms for Ionization and Afterburning Suppression
Author(s): Weaver, D. P., Singh, T.
Corporate Author(s): Air Force Astronautics Laboratory
Laboratory: Air Force Astronautics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1987-11-01
Report number: AFAL TR 87-49
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Information Systems for Space and Earth Science
Corporate Author(s): Information Systems Office
Date of Publication: 1987-01-01
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Durability of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
Author(s): Harmon, D. M., Saff, C. R., Sun, C. T.
Corporate Author(s): McDonnell Aircraft Company and Purdue University
Laboratory: Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1987-10-01
Report number: AFWAL-TR-87-3060
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Elevated Temperature Crack Growth Studies of Advanced Titanium Aluminides
Author(s): Venkataraman, Srivathsan
Corporate Author(s): Systran Corporation
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1987-09-01
Report number: AFWAL-TR-87-4103
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Engine Component Retirement for Cause: Volume I - Executive Summary
Author(s): Harris, John A., Jr.
Corporate Author(s): United Technologies Corporation
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1987-08
Report number: AFWAL-TR-87-4069 Volume I